Prophet said that children should marry early, before they didn't managed to break away from home.

If you're going to be a woman alone, then you can avoid the pitfalls, but you can not escape slander.

If you allow the camel to look into the tent, he enters into it.

Star does not appear in the sky, the mouse does not dig burrows in the ground, unless there is the will of Allah.

Dance and do not stop. Why dancing - do not argue. What's the point - not thought of. Be sure to dance. Not only that: dance very nice and nothing else. So, to all of you watching ... "

Hang your whip so that the wife has always seen her.

What happened once, may not be repeated twice, and that happened twice, must be repeated in the third.

This is not the wind, reap the whirlwind .

Do not hurry, all that you still drop you in the arm.

When a storm begins in the desert, people lie on the ground, close their eyes and wait for its end.

Judaism meets the childhood of humanity, because based on instincts, Christianity - youth - because based on feelings, and Islam - maturity, as a religion of reason.

When combined female and a diploma, a house in danger.

When the fetus is performed 120 days - Allah sends an angel to him and determine his fate.

To suspect is worse than to know because in reality there are limits, but imagination have no limits.

Than the greater the drop sharpens stone, the more the hole.

Prophet said that nothing in the world is more valuable than a happy marriage.

People become what they are doing.

Always over our shoulders are two angels. One who over the right shoulder records good deeds, second who left - bad deeds.

In the west person brings sacrifice of family values for his own pleasure, we bring sacrifice of pleasure for the sake of family values.

Do not attack of more stronger person, but you should be more sly .

God hangs on the neck of each man his destiny, and no one can change it.

Who looks at debauchery , he himself participates in the dissemination of debauchery.

On the women's long hair can catch an elephant.

Allah sees by black night in black marble a black ant.

Happiness is a man is when full home, a good cart and a virtuous wife. And who is virtuous wife - a wife who listens when the husband says, smiling, when the husband watches, and keeps himself to it until it away.

You can not blame the lamp, which extinguished because they forgot to pour oil in it.

A man looks more like his time than his father and mother.

Magommet took the gold in one hand, the other silk, and said: "People of my faith are not wear of this". (Mohammed on men)

Beware the ruler of the sea, luck and love ...

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